From the heart, not just by the book

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Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day special. Even with the last minute change of plans due to the pandemic restrictions, you were not bothered by physical distancing or the use of masks. Your relaxed manner and humor created the perfect atmosphere for us and our guests.  [ N and S; Married by Gary in 2020 ]

We can’t thank you enough for being such an instrumental part of making our wedding so special. Your help with creating our vows was very much appreciated. The service was wonderful, something we will always remember.  [ L and C;  Married by Gary in 2018 ]

Gary united us as one in a beautiful, professional, caring, intimate, and loving ceremony.  He incorporated both of our families, cultures and religions perfectly. It was everything we wanted and more. Gary is a great Officiant and made our day impossible to forget.  [ J and K;  Married by Gary in 2018 ]

Thank you for making our day so special and being part of it! Your kindness, laughter and love will never be forgotten.  [ D and M;  Married by Gary in 2019 ]

Everything was perfect…even the blunders were part of the fun, and the way you handled them helped make our wedding the best weekend of our lives!  [ C and E;  Married by Gary in 2019 ]

We are still amazed how you handled the … situation … that arose a week before our wedding. Your sensitivity and solution … relieved us of that concern. We will be forever grateful.  [ T and K;  Married by Gary in 2017 ] 

Our wedding ceremony … was exactly the way we had planned it together, casual and yet with dignity. Your touches of humour helped us be less nervous and kept the attention of our guests too. It was a wonderful and unforgettable day.  [ R and A;  Married by Gary in 2016 ]